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Possible CAP Restrictions 2022

What Do Water Restrictions on the Colorado River Mean For Me?

If you have been following national news lately, you have most likely heard that the portion of river water to be delivered to Arizona will be restricted next year due to ongoing drought conditions which have caused the level in Lake Mead to drop to the lowest level since it was constructed in the 1930’s. This is not a surprise to people in the industry as the signs have been apparent for many years and steps have been put into place to minimize the immediate impacts, but restrictions are still expected to be announced by the Central Arizona Project (CAP), in mid-August 2021.

What do restrictions mean for customers of the Green Valley Water District? Not a lot at this point, let me explain…

The Green Valley Water District currently does not use CAP water. All the water sold to our customers is ground water which is pumped locally from the aquifer beneath Green Valley, Arizona. Although many other areas in Arizona will see more immediate impacts of water restrictions, Green Valley will be spared for now. The first impacts of water restrictions will be felt by farmers, mostly in Pinal County north of us. Municipal and Industrial Users as well as Indian Tribes will face restrictions only in later stages of restrictions if the need arises.

Does this mean we have nothing to worry about? Yes and No. As a residential customer, you will not be forced to restrict your water consumption at this point. This does not mean however that your habits will not have an impact. If all water users work to find ways to minimize the amount of water consumed, the water currently available will last longer.

At this point, it is predicted that this will be the first stage of several restrictions in the decades to come. Due to continued drought, increasing temperatures, and extreme weather events, we will be forced to find more creative methods for securing additional sources of water and making our existing sources stretch as far as possible.

What can I do to help? The first thing that every person can do is to eliminate water waste as much as possible. There are many ideas available on our website as well as in our office and from online sources. If you are aware of a leak, get it fixed as soon as possible. If you see water leaking from a pipe in the street, call the GV Water District office immediately so we can schedule repair work. Regulate your irrigation system to water only when your plants need it to avoid overwatering. Use landscaping that is adapted to drought conditions. Don’t leave faucets or hoses running while you are washing things around the house. Increasing your efficiency will benefit everyone by maintaining as much water as possible in the local aquifer and it will benefit you immediately by keeping your water bill as low as possible.

The current water situation in the western United States is quite complex with different impacts to different regions. Although there is nothing for Green Valley residents to be afraid of at this point, you should definitely take this issue seriously and do what you can to be a responsible water consumer. If you would like additional information, feel free to contract our office.