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State of the District 2022

The following is the first annual State of the District report which will be delivered at the last Board meeting of each fiscal year. The purpose of this report is to provide a snapshot of the condition of important aspects of the business.

  • ADEQ inspection results
    • The tri annual ADEQ inspection was performed June 1st. No deficiencies were found, it was suggested that we install gaskets on the upper hatches at each of the water storage tanks and that work has been completed.
  • Agency reports
    • All agency reports were submitted in a timely manner, however a new auto-fill format for the MRDL report did not completely auto-fill so we were flagged for having missing information. After contacting the agency, their website now states that the first quarter of the annual report does not actually auto-fill.
  • Line breaks
    • During fiscal year 2021-2022, we experienced a single service line leak repair on Alcazar and Carolina. The area had just been milled and paved and it is believed the heavy equipment caused the leak.
  • Current projects
    • The capital projects focus for this year has been upgrading our manual-read meters and installing antenna towers to be used for our SCADA and meter reading systems. The tower installations were completed mid-June. We had difficulty receiving meters and radio transmitters for the meter upgrade project and needed to carry over some approved funds to the following fiscal year.
  • Future projects
    • The District will continue to focus on upgrading meters and radio units for the next two years until all customers have equipment which is compatible with the FlexNet system for meter reading.
    • Riley Engineering will be completing their calibration of the water system model by mid-September and will provide a list of areas of concern where the District will be able to focus in coming years on upgrading our existing system.
  • Quarterly equipment maintenance
    • Quarterly maintenance/inspections are currently being performed on all well pumps, generators, backhoe, and dump trailer. Monthly inspections are performed on all fleet vehicles and smaller equipment.
  • Water level at Cotonia Well
    • On Feb 17, 2022, static level was 265 ft and draw down level was 332 ft
    • On May 17, 2022, static level was 286 ft and draw down level was 339 ft
  • Water level at Well 2
    • On Feb 17, 2022, static level was 226 ft and draw down level was 240 ft
    • On May 17, 2022, static level was 235 ft and draw down level was 256 ft
  • Arsenic level
    • Natural arsenic level at Cotonia well is 16 parts per billion. The allowable limit for drinking water is 10 parts per billion so our raw water passes through the treatment plant to remove arsenic. Water leaving the treatment vessels is free of arsenic so there is a 40% blend ratio set up so that the water going into the distribution system has a level of between 7 and 8 parts per billion.
  • Chlorine levels
    • As a ground water system that is not under the influence of surface water, the District is not required to add chlorine to the water. However, we do add a small amount of chlorine after the arsenic removal process to ensure there is no bacteria within the piping system. Water is tested throughout the system each month for the presence of total coliform bacteria and there have been no detections for many years. The chlorine level throughout the system is kept between .04 and .07.